Turn any Google Sheet into a database.

SheetMetal lets you read and update any Google spreadsheet via a RESTful API.

Sheet Metal
Use Cases

Use for prototyping

Don't worry about setting up a database. Use a Google Sheets for rapid prototyping.

Use as CRM
Custom forms

Put a custom form on your website and collect leads and responses in Google Sheets.

Use for mobile
Mobile development

Deploy a mobile app without deploying any other backend infrastructure.

How it Works

Create a Google Sheet

Create a Google Sheet which you can use as a database. Every tab within the sheet can represent a database table.

Connect SheetMetal

Login to SheetMetal in just 2 clicks to allow access to your Google Sheets.

Use your Sheet like a database

SheetMetal gives you full access to update with your spreadsheet via a RESTful API.

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